Press Release Guidance -- Don't Forget the Data!

Press Release Guidance – Don’t Forget the Data!

Increasingly Agency press releases include a data element. Whether you are releasing a report, fact sheet, or special announcement, if there is a data element, you should provide this data as easily discoverable open data. This means linking to your open data in press releases and ensuring this data is as discoverable as possible on

Step 1: Release all relevant data as “open data” - that is to say data that is structured, machine-readable, and legally unemcubered to be re-used by anyone.

Step 2: Get your data on in advance, with complete metadata.

See How to Get Your Open Data on or reach out to your Agency Open Data Policy Point of Contact](points-of-contact/) to ensure your data is listed in your Agency’s data.json file. updates nightly.

If your report contains many datasets, you can tag all of these datasets with a common keyword for easier discoverability on You can also embed a list of your relevant datasets in your press release via’s embed feature.

Bonus: Include a Suggested Citation

When using this dataset, please cite the original publication:

U.S. Geological Survey, 2015, Landsat surface reflectance data (ver. 1.1, June 16, 2015): U.S. Geological Survey Fact Sheet 2015–3034, 1 p., ISSN 2327-6932 (online)

In addition, please cite the record:

U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior (2015). L8 OLI/TIRS - Landsat Surface Reflectance.