has replaced Project Open Data.

On January 14, 2019, the Foundations for Evidence-Based Policymaking Act ("Evidence Act"), which includes the OPEN Government Data Act, was signed into law. The Evidence Act requires the Office of Management and Budget, the Office of Government Information Services, and the General Services Administration to develop and maintain an online repository ( of tools, best practices, and schema standards to facilitate the adoption of open data practices across the Federal Government.

Archived content of Project Open Data can be accessed at its GitHub repository. You can report missing content or provide any additional feedback via GitHub or by emailing

Digital "Personally Identifiable Information" Checklist

PII, also known as “personally identifiable Information,” is data potentially linked or linkable to individuals. The Digital PII Checklist identifies some common types of potential PII that may be collected, maintained, shared, or used in the mobile and digital environment. Agencies may use it as a baseline to ensure they have identified all data that may constitute PII prior to data release.

For the checklist as well as additional information, see the CIO Council’s full report on Standardized Digital Privacy Controls.